Picture Books

Cave Baby

The Bear who Stared

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Roo the Roaring Dinosaur

Splat the Cat

Whatever Wanda Wanted

Penguin Post

The Worst Princess


I'm The Best

That Pesky Rat

Wake Up Do, Lydia Lou

Class Two at the Zoo

Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

A New House for Mouse

Where's my Teddy?

Winnie the Witch

The Really Annoying Elephant

Day the Crayons Quit

The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past

Aliens Love Underpants

How to Hide a Lion

26/5/20 Hugless Douglas

25/5/20 Daft Bat

22/5/20 Very Hungry Caterpillar

21/5/20 The Jolly Postman

20/5/20 Roald Dahl's Cinderella

19/5/20 Sir Charlie Stinky Socks 2

18/5/20 A Squash and a Squeeze

15/5/20 The Brave Little Tailor

14/5/20 Stickman

13/5/20 Mr Big

12/5/20 The Tin Forest

11/5/20 Roald Dahl's Jack and the Beanstalk

8/5/20 Flo of the Somme

7/5/20 The Emporer's Egg

6/5/20 The Tiger Who Came to Tea

5/5/20 The Golden Goose

4/5/20 Snow White and Rose Red

1/5/20 Hairy Maclary (from Donaldson's Dairy)

30/4/20 Sir Charlie Stinky Socks

29/4/20 Where the Wild Things are

28/4/20 Meerkat Mail

27/4/20 The Little White Owl

24/4/20 The Midnight Tiger

23/4/20 Revolting Rhymes

22/4/20 No such thing as Nessie

21/4/20 What the Ladybird Heard

20/4/20 George and the Dragon

Ish 17/4/20

16/4/20 Jack and the Beanstalk

15/4/20 Changes

14/4/20 Amazing Man

10/4/20 Charlie Cook's Favourite Book

9/4/20 Wendel's Workshop

8/4/20 Monkey Puzzle

7/4/20 The Storybook Wolves

3/4/20 Turbo Tortoise

Who will help when the garden slugs are trying to attack the veg patch? TT of course!

2/4/20 The Selfish Crocodile

Who do you call on when you have a crocodile with toothache?

1/4/20 The Very Helpful Hedgehog

Friends can be found in the strangest of places.

31/3/20 Smartest Giant in Town

Who will a well-dressed giant meet on his way home from the shops?

30/3/20 No Dinner

Can a little, old lady make her way through the jungle when there are wolves, bears and tigers just waiting to eat her?

27/3/20 Surprise

A surprise story chosen by two members of Year 1

26/3/20 Something Else

Is it hard to fit in when you are a little bit different? Maybe, unless 'Something Else' comes along to change your mind.

25/3/20 The Fish Who Could Wish

Imagine that you had the power to turn any wish you ever had into a reality. The only problem is...you're a fish!

24/3/20 The Troll

Who's that trip-trapping over my bridge? We have all heard stories of Trolls living under bridges, but who knew they were such good cooks? And what happens when you add Pirates into the mix?

23/3/20 The Grunt and The Grouch

The Grunt has been invited to a party. The problem is, he hates everything about parties... and friends... and Tuesdays!