Year 2 English

Good bye from Mrs Simmonds

On the way home

Claire tells some very dramatic stories about how she got her bad knee. Can you work out which story is the truth?

Milo - The sad ending

What happens when the mice ignore Balthazar’s warning? After the story, talk to your grown up about any similarities between the island in the story and our own planet. What do human’s do which have a negative effect on the environment?

Milo - The happy ending

Find out what happens to the island when all the mice listen to Balthazar’s warning and make the right choice.

Milo and the magical stones

Can you predict what happens next?

Oral storytelling of Flotsam

Can you tell the story of Flotsam in your own words like Mrs Simmonds? Try and use lots of adjectives and adverbs to make it interesting for your listener.

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